12/6 【Prof. Eric Mazur專題演講】 Innovating education to educate innovators 右腦換左腦:翻轉教學以啟發創新

本中心於12/6 (星期三) 特邀請國際知名學者 Prof. Eric Mazur (Harvard University, USA) 以「Innovating education to educate innovators 右腦換左腦:翻轉教學以啟發創新」為題蒞校演講,機會難得,歡迎踴躍報名!!

Date:  Dec. 6, 2017

Time:  1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Place:  Int. Conf. Room, Library  學習資源中心(旺宏館)國際會議廳



Can we teach innovation? Innovation requires whole-brain thinking — right-brain thinking for creativity and imagination, and left-brain thinking for planning and execution. Our current approach to education in science and technology, focuses on the transfer of information, developing mostly right-brain thinking by stressing copying and reproducing existing ideas rather than generating new ones. I will show how shifting the focus in lectures from delivering information to team work and creative thinking greatly improves the learning that takes place in the classroom and promotes independent

我們可以教創新嗎?創新需要運用全腦思維 運用右腦來進行創造力和想像力的思維,以及運用左腦來進行計劃和執行的思維。我們目前的科技教育方式,著重於訊息的轉換,主要是通過強行複製和重現現有的想法,而不是產生新的思維。我將展示如何將授課的重點從傳遞訊息轉移到團隊合作和創造性思維,因此可以極大地改善課堂上的學習方式並提升學生的獨立思考能力。


Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and was Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University, He is also a Member of the Faculty of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and President of the Optical Society.Prof. Mazur is a prominent physicist known for his contributions in nanophotonics, an internationally recognized educational innovator, and a sought after speaker. . He has received many awards for his work in physics and in education , e.g., the 2014 Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education. Prof. Mazur has also founded several successful companies.

Dr. Eric Mazur是哈佛大學的物理系與應用物理系教授,曾擔任應用物理學系系主任,同時也是哈佛大學教育學院合聘教授,現任國際光學學會會長。Prof. Mazur是一位著名的物理學家,他在奈米光學物理方面的研究與貢獻獲得國際高度肯定,同時他也是一位國際知名的教育創新者與演講者。他在物理與教育兩個領域都曾獲得許多重要獎項,此外,Prof. Mazur也創立了幾家非常成功的新創公司。